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WYLD Stallyons [Richard May]

Thursday: May 22, 2008 @TBD

Don’t break out the Aqua Net and tight jeans just yet. Design Madison hasn’t gone ’80s hair band on you. Instead we’ve looked across the pond for this month’s inspiration and our very first international speaker. Richard May, managing director of Wyld Stallyons, the animation geniuses, design rock stars and creative spellers based in London, […]

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Grand Jeté [Howard Nourmand]

Thursday: March 20, 2008 @TBD

Please note the venue change. What do Rorschach ink blots, a troubled youth, and the title sequence for the film “The Dog Problem” all have in common? Well they all make up key points in the life of designer Howard Nourmand. Howard Nourmand founded his company, Grand Jeté, in 2003. He specializes in motion design, […]

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