2014/15 Season

Lydia Nichols

Thursday: May 07, 2015- 6:00 pm @Goodman Center

Lydia Nichols is a freelance illustrator, designer, and anthropomorphizer. She went to school twice (BFA in Illustration, Syracuse University, 2007 and MFA in Design, Tyler School of Art, 2013) because she is a giant school-loving nerd and continues that love by doing a bit of adjunct teaching at fantastic schools including MICA and Moore. Before setting up shop […]

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Moniker [Brent Couchman]

Thursday: April 16, 2015- 6:00 pm @Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery

Moniker is a San Francisco-based design and branding studio led by Brent Couchman. We believe in delivering timeless work for clients far and wide, big and small. Website: monikersf.com

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Scotty Reifsnyder

Thursday: March 12, 2015- 6:00 pm @Goodman Center

A 2007 graduate of Tyler School of Art’s MFA program in Graphic & Interactive Design Scotty is always pursuing projects that utilize his mid-century design and illustration sensibilities. Upon graduation from Tyler Scotty would spend the next 3 years working for Paul Kepple at the award-winning studio Headcase Design. Under Paul’s direction Scotty worked on projects for such […]

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Matt Lehman

Thursday: February 19, 2015- 6:00 pm @Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Matt Lehman Studio is a one man design, illustration and art direction shop operated by, you guessed it, Matt Lehman. Here’s some pertinent information about Matt Lehman: Professional designer and illustrator. Amateur writer. Full-time creative. Used to work under the confusing name, Invisible Associates. Married to this amazing gal. Worked at Anderson Design Group for four years. And […]

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Marmalade Bleue [Danielle Evans]

Thursday: February 05, 2015- 6:00 pm @Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Danielle Evans is an urban Columbus, Ohio native. She derives great pleasure in walking everywhere, taking food photos on instagram, and being ‘the cool aunt’. Her heartstrings are plucked by lettering and typography, which she exhibits through brush pen, paper cutting and most notably, dimensional type. She art directs, food styles, and collaborates with personable and […]

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Brave the Woods [Brad Woodard]

Thursday: January 22, 2015- 6:00 pm @The Goodman Center

Brave the Woods is not simply a name, it’s a call to action, to be adventerous and curious. It is what we believe and how we work. By doing so we make connections, experiment, collaborate, get inspired, and ultimately discover creative solutions. Executing those solutions is something we do with great pride and craft. Brad’s […]

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