2008/09 Season

DM Season Ending Party

Thursday: May 07, 2009 @TBD

Join us in celebrating the end of another great Design Madison Season. This year we’re wrapping things up with a celebratory party at Cafe Montmartre, a favorite spot of ours in season’s past. We’ll provide a wide selection of appetizers, enjoyable conversations with your fellow talented colleagues and a nice recap of our season. You […]

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Andres Conde [RED Interactive Agency]

Thursday: April 09, 2009 @TBD

RED Interactive Agency gets the word out for big-time movies like “Eagle Eye,” “Spiderman 3” and “The Incredible Hulk.” And by “get the word out,” we mean building a kick-ass ad campaign, including interactive Web sites that are sometimes more entertaining than the actual movie. Be at the Brink for an inside look at the […]

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Eric Perez [BLITZ]

Thursday: March 12, 2009 @TBD

We’re all guilty of spending a little time on the Internet at work. We know you just meant to check your G-mail—where did those five hours go? Blame it on Blitz. The Los Angeles-based interactive geniuses are responsible for the Web sites that suck you in like a black hole. You might be a tobacco-chewing, […]

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Garrett Nantz [Luxurious Animals]

Thursday: February 19, 2009 @TBD

Garrett Nantz is a New York based Creative director of Interactive media. Nantz has a successful career as an Associate Creative Director for Big Spaceship (lasting over five years). We spotted him when he gave his presentation at a SXSW (South by Southwest) in 2007. More recently he decided to leave the mother ship to […]

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Cycle [CYCLE Was Here]

Tuesday: January 08, 2008 @TBD

Here’s a possible recipe for Cycle: lock Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher in a room, hand them some spray paint and slip them some acid. Or maybe that’s too limiting. Cycle is the master of morphing from street graffiti to graphic design to fine art, while staying true to his individual style. He’s got the […]

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The Naughty or Nice Holiday Party

Thursday: December 11, 2008 @TBD

Ah, the holiday party – that magical event that sets you up for so many disasters. Obscenely and unknowingly flirting with the boss’ spouse, drunkenly tucking your skirt into your tights and not realizing until you get home, tossing your holiday cookies in front of your impressionable intern. This year, get it all out at […]

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2008/09 Season Kickoff & VP Debate After Party

Monday: February 08, 2010 @TBD

Don’t miss one of the biggest events of our times, a pivotal occurrence that will leave you deep in thought and fired up – the Design Madison 2008/2009 kickoff party. Forget about which side of the aisle you sit on (Pirates or ninjas? Sweet-and-sour chicken or General Tso’s?). It’s time to put aside your differences […]

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Jason Noto & Doug Cunningham [Morning Breath]

Thursday: November 06, 2008- 6:30 pm @The Brink Lounge

Morning breath should at all costs be avoided… unless it’s those fresh guys at Morning Breath, Inc. in Brooklyn, N.Y. Forget about the eye-opening punch of Colgate and Listerine – founders Jason Noto and Doug Cunningham’s designs are so in-your-face that you can’t help but sit up and notice. They count TV on the Radio, […]

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