2007/08 Season

Season Ending Party

Monday: June 02, 2008 @TBD

The 2007-2008 Design Madison season has been a wild ride, but it’s time to hop off the virtual Tilt-a-Whirl. From the bad-ass stylings of Vault 49 to the off-beat genius of Design Madison’s first international speaker, Wyld Stallyons, we’re sure your head is spinning – in the good way. Come down from your adrenaline high […]

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WYLD Stallyons [Richard May]

Thursday: May 22, 2008 @TBD

Don’t break out the Aqua Net and tight jeans just yet. Design Madison hasn’t gone ’80s hair band on you. Instead we’ve looked across the pond for this month’s inspiration and our very first international speaker. Richard May, managing director of Wyld Stallyons, the animation geniuses, design rock stars and creative spellers based in London, […]

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Turnstyle [Steve Watson]

Thursday: April 17, 2008 @TBD

Have you ever looked at your steaming hot cup of Starbucks and thought, “I just don’t know what I would do without you. Don’t ever leave me.” That could be the caffeine withdrawal talking, but most likely it’s the result of an emotional connection with the Starbucks brand – and Turnstyle was the cupid between […]

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Grand Jeté [Howard Nourmand]

Thursday: March 20, 2008 @TBD

Please note the venue change. What do Rorschach ink blots, a troubled youth, and the title sequence for the film “The Dog Problem” all have in common? Well they all make up key points in the life of designer Howard Nourmand. Howard Nourmand founded his company, Grand Jeté, in 2003. He specializes in motion design, […]

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The DM Student Workshop

Thursday: February 28, 2008 @TBD

Opportunity is knocking on your door. As the clock winds down on your school career reality is busting through the door and snapping you with a wet towel. Soon you’ll graduate and the doors will bust open wide. Perhaps you’ll be a famous print designer. Maybe you’ll make fonts that make the whole world sing. […]

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Factor Design [Jeff Zwerner]

Thursday: January 17, 2008 @TBD

Factor Design facilitates the art of doing business. We know, ’cause it says so on their website. With a client list which includes our most favorite company of all time, Apple, and enough awards to make you want to scroll, you’re going to be hard pressed to come up with an excuse to miss this […]

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DM Holiday Party

Thursday: December 13, 2007 @TBD

Tis the season to be jolly. Today’s the day to treat yourself. Stay up late and order two porcelain dancing monkeys from the home shopping network. You’ll have to wait another year before you’re licensed to behave with such reckless abandon again. If you’d rather forgo the monkeys, maybe a holiday DM party could serve […]

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Vault49 [Jonathan Keyon & John Glasgow]

Thursday: November 15, 2007 @TBD

Vault49 is a NYC-based design shop that produces photography and illustration to reinforce branding for big names like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and MasterCard while also creating fiercely independent photography and richly layered illustration for the music industry, fashion, and editorial features. Jonathan and John’s work has received national and international acclaim over the past 5 […]

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DM Kickoff Party

Thursday: November 01, 2007 @TBD

Well, we couldn’t stay away forever could we? It’s that time again for us to awaken from the slumber of the off-season and kickoff the Design Madison 2007/08 season! We’ve been working diligently on securing another great season’s worth of speakers for you to enjoy. Who you ask? Well, come to the DM Season Kickoff […]

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