2005/06 Season

DM Open Gallery Show

Thursday: June 15, 2006 @TBD

The Open Gallery may be closed, but the party is still open!

Join us June 15th at the Firecracker Studios for our season-ending social extravaganza! Beer, food and good time to be provided to Design Madison members and nonmembers alike.

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Rich Roat / House Industries

Thursday: May 11, 2006 @TBD

Fonts… There’s a million of ’em, but not many are as flippin’ cool as the ones made by House Industries. Founded in Delaware in 1993, House has become internationally known as a prolific type foundry and design studio.

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Jemma Hostetler & JD Hooge

Thursday: April 27, 2006 @TBD

The Web has seen a lot of talent in the past decade. Names have come and gone as fast as the trends they set whither away and die. However, a few remain constantly along the summit. People who create stellar work on a seemly sick, habitual basis. Of those, Jemma Hostetler (née Gura) and JD Hooge shine bright.

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Barry Ament & Coby Schultz

Thursday: April 20, 2006 @TBD

Back in ’95, Montana native Barry Ament teamed up with other Montana native Coby Schultz to form Ames. For the past ten years this small shop has put out big numbers. Their client list boasts the likes of Pearl Jam, MTV, Got Milk, Phish, K2 and Ride Snowboards, Nike, Amazon.com, Powerbar and Nissan… to name a few.

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Megan Patrick / HOW Magazine

Thursday: March 16, 2006 @TBD

Self-promotion. It’s essential. Whether you are a die-hard freelance designer or the head of marketing of Mega-Corp Inc. Megan Lane Patrick, senior editor of HOW Magazine will show you how to stand out from the crowd.

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Student Workshop

Thursday: February 09, 2006 @TBD

Ever on the prowl for fresh talent, Madison’s design mavens lick their chops at the chance to help DM’s student members put their best books forward.

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Mike Giant

Thursday: January 19, 2006 @TBD

From the walls of buildings in San Francisco to gallery walls in Tokyo and Paris, Mike Giant has certainly come a long way. Now regular fixture in Juxtapoz magazine and long known to the graffiti underground and “street art” scene, Mike has also recently made an indelible mark in the world of tattooing.

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Holiday Party

Thursday: December 15, 2005 @TBD

There’s no time like the present – to enjoy the company of your fellow Design Madison members at our annual Holiday Party! In addition to the traditional consumption of holiday spirits and socializing, there will also be a bit of a competition with our first ever Graphic Design Game Show. There, competitors and bystanders alike will delight in three separate challenges.

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Michael Ferdman / Firstborn

Thursday: November 17, 2005 @TBD

What do The Beatles, Madonna, Calvin Klein, Gucci, MTV, Red Bull and the Sci-Fi Channel all have in common? They’ve all had sweet websites designed by Firstborn that’s what! Firstborn founder Michael Ferdman, a graduate of the UW, got his start in the fashion industry before starting Firstborn in 1997. Since then they’ve won numerous […]

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Kickoff Social

Thursday: October 20, 2005 @TBD

Join us at The Klinic Bar, where we’ll hype our lineup of speakers, ply you with snacks and drop hints about other surprises in store. Diagnosis–the best DM season yet. Walk-ins welcome. Cash bar.

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