Let's talk perks. Get free admission to all six speaker events. Exchange ideas with some of the nation's most daring design pros. Make more professional connections than you can shake a stick at. Avail yourself of the annual opportunity to flaunt your design prowess. Bask in the warm glow that comes from supporting a worthy cause. Go on.

To purchase a membership, click the type of membership you’d like. We offer four types of membership, all good for a full calendar year from date of purchase:

Professional [$125]

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Better than a shiny red apple. A single, nontransferable membership for full-time faculty, offered at a crisp and delicious reduced rate.

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Graduation looms. Pad your resume with a single, nontransferable membership at very comfortable discount. Students must present valid ID at all dm events.

Corporate [$450]

Foot the bill for three memberships, transferable within one company. With any luck, you can keep the talent from becoming as stale as leftovers in the break room fridge. Each employee can now bring a guest to events for free. Each additional attendee pays the walk-in rate of $35 per event.

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What’s that you say? $0 dollars to join the Design Madison mailing list? Could it be true?!? At that value, I’ll signup twice!