Perhaps you have a big, fat check you'd like to send us? Here's our terra firma info:

Dan Merfeld

Hit this guy up with general questions and comments about DM and its
mission. He’d also love to hear your sponsorship offers or ideas.

Jack Saxe-Staral

Mic Funk

He’s responsible for organizing any special projects we may have throughout the season. Contact him to share your project ideas.

Danielle Lawry

She’s the person in charge of keeping the disorderly orderly. If there’s
an i not dotted, or a t not crossed, contact her to discuss.

Laura Ovberg and Leah Kavallaris

They promote DM membership and makes sure our members are informed and heard. Send them your membership questions or suggestions.

Shanan Galligan and Shanna House-Flynn

They book our season. They would love to hear what you think of our current lineup, as well as your ideas for future events.

Daniella Echeverria

She masterminds our annual career workshop and serve as our liaisons to
the world of academia. Have ideas for greater student and faculty
involvement/benefit? Give her a shout.

Julie Raasch and Toni Breitweiser

They’re our girls with the eye. The buck stops here with all marketing
initiatives for our humble little group. They’ll happily chat with you
about your ideas on how to better market Design Madison.