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Tuesday: August 31, 2010


This month we’ll be schmoozing in The Cabana Room which is below the Samba Grill off of Gilman St. They’ll have $2.50 Central Waters taps and $4 margaritas which are sure to provide enough social lubricant for everyone to have a good time. And we’ll be hanging out with our friends from the local entrepreneur group “Because We Can” again, so don’t miss out .

Come when you can, leave when you must – but do come. :)

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The last Tuesday of every month, Madison area creatives will emerge from their designer cocoons to share stories of their recent successes and tragic failures. A great opportunity to meet your local colleagues and the only social event sure to be chock-full of sympathetic ears and like-minded individuals – this is one party you don’t want to miss. So come on out for the Madison area Creative > Connect, enjoy a tasty beverage, and some good conversation.

* This event is free and open to everyone

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